Bits & Bobs

I don’t think I have enough stuff for one whole post, so this will be a Bits & Bobs Edition of the Writing Spider.

1. Christmas.We wrapped presents last night. This year, I’m actually really excited about some of my gifts. Do you do this? You get something for someone and it’s like PERFECT (you think…you hope) and you cannot wait until they open it? I have several like that. Luckily for the recipients, they were all purchased in like…August…way before I lost el jobbo and could afford cool prezzies. The house is bursting with Christmassy goodness, what with the decorations and whatnot. The ferrets have all turned into tree weezils – they climb up the tree and try to find the stuffed animal ornaments to pluck off and hide. Mostly they just fall out of the tree a lot. The angel has been catawampus for a week after Scout tried to scale Mt. Evergreen.

2. Cold. Damn global warming. The low today is supposed to be EIGHT. Thank God for flannel sheets and a husband with a fast metabolism. (Honestly, he’s my own little bio-thermal furnace). Even the ferrets have been cramming into the same hammock together – six ferrets in a hammock is pretty funny.

3. Jorbs. “So, had any job interviews yet?” “Found a job yet?” “Got any bites for jobs yet?” STOP. ASKING. Just be supportive of my talent. Be there if I need to talk about how this job loss has been harder than the others, how my confidence has been obliterated, and how crappy in general I feel. And stop talking about how AWESOME your job is.

4. Networking groups. I’ve been to a few of them in the last few weeks. It’s like a party where you’re trying to get people to buy your services… Sometimes they’re good but sometimes not. I haven’t gotten any business out of them yet but I sort of enjoy practicing my sales pitch and my graphic facilitation elevator speech. I’ve learned that life coaches are NOT INTERESTED in working with me. I had one literally turn her back on me and start talking to someone else after I told her what I do and how it might be useful for her coaching practice. Meh. Fine.

5. Cupcakery. I’d been toying with putting the word out that I can do awesome cupcakes when out of the blue an acquaintance from college emailed to ask if I’d do some for her son’s first birthday party. Yes, I would, actually! And I did. I hope this is God, the Universe, and Everything trying to tell me that’s a good path to pursue. Like a man who can dance, good cupcakes are always a welcome addition to a party. At least in my book.