NaNoWriMo 2016

It’s apparently been 6 years since I did National Novel Writing Month. I’ve been working on book 2 of my urban fantasy series since the beginning of the summer and it’s been… I don’t like to call it writer’s block. It’s more of a writer’s constipation. I know the story is in there, but it just won’t come out. (Yes, I’m aware that I just compared my writing to poop. It’s what we in the biz call a ‘metaphor.’)

You’re supposed to start NaNoWriMo with a blank slate. No words written until November 1. I’m totally cheating. I had about 33k written and couldn’t get past that. I thought this would be a good challenge, a kick in the skirt to get those last 50+ thousand words down on paper.

I’m up to almost 38k as of this morning and it’s not entirely crap. I must keep reminding myself that it’s okay to write crap. It’s easier to shape a big pile of words than it is to shape and edit 250 blank pages. The trick is in the editing.

In the midst of all this, we are about to move. We’re staying in Louisville, but moving closer in toward town/our friends/things we like to do/my family/my job/better schools/this really great bagel shop. Plus the holidays are coming up. I would love to get this draft done and out to my beta readers by February but I don’t know if that will work. I still get up early and write before the boys are up, still do research and thinking throughout the day, and sometimes write a few hundred words at night.

Still working on getting my newsletter out in a timely fashion so if you haven’t signed up, you can do so here. The archive isn’t updated but it will be soon. I plan to add some short videos, too. You can also like my Facebook page, if you are a Facebooklet.

That’s all for now. Next post will (I hope) have more fun details about the Book.


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