Publication Update and Plea

Howdy, weblings!

I have a publication date for The Book. Okay, so it’s called Reddick’s Grimoire: Dirty Work. It’s not like a baby and I don’t want you to steal the name. I can just tell you.

April 3, 2017.

Which SOUNDS like eons from now. It is not! I have a lot of work to do before then. Let’s take a stroll through what I have done so far:

  1. Edits

I have sent off the manuscript for its first round of edits. People ask me often, “Are you afraid of what they’re going to do to it?” Like I sent them Great Gatsby and they’re going to send it back looking like Strangers in a Strange Land.

Uh, no.

I’ve been in enough writing workshops, critique groups, schools, advertising jobs, and the like to  be too precious about this. This is not the Sistine Chapel. This is not Shakespeare. This is not a world peace treaty. What I wrote matters, don’t get me wrong. It matters to me, and people who love me. And the publisher is taking a risk with me, so it matters to them. But from start to finish, a book is a conversation, not a firehose aimed at the reader.

The editor, and my publishers, are not in the business of making a book unsellable. She (my editor) is going to go Goldmill on that Rocky manuscript (see what I did there?) and get it into fighting shape to take on Apollo Creed. In this (lame) metaphor, Creed stands in for the massive urban fantasy market that my little Rocky has to go up against.

2. Marketing

While I wait for the edits to come back…

The publisher has a vested interest in me (obvs) and they have a crack marketing team to work with me. I have provided them with a whole bunch of stuff to use – cover copy, my bio, my cheesy picture.

I’ve made a new home page for my Author life (

I’m bumping up my activity on Twitter and Instagram.

I have a huge mood board for the book series on Pinterest.

I have an Official Facebook page.

And this was fun – I sent the publisher my thoughts about the cover of the book. Apparently this is unusual, for the author to have any say in that part. I realized as I was answering the question sheet about the cover (Ex: what do you want people to think of when they see the cover? etc.), one of the things I said was, “All the covers for this genre/type of book – urban fantasy, female protagonist, etc. – have the same cover.” So what did I do when it came time to sketch out a cover? I drew the same damn cover as all the other ones have. But I am certain that the marketing whizzes will prevail and make a fantastic cover.

3. Research

I’m trying to get very familiar with the process of being a working writer, including all the above. I’m looking at videos and reading interviews of people who’ve gone this way before.

Plea(s): Follow me on the social media outlets? Please? Soon I’m also going to ask if you’ll subscribe to my newsletter, if you’re interested in more about the book series, giveaways, all the good lovely things.

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon.

























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