Big News for the Spider’s Web

I’ve been gone a while.

But I’ve got news! For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter (shame on you! I’m @thwritingspider!) or are friends with me on Facebook (do not randomly friend me – if I don’t know you I won’t friend you), then you don’t know this news yet.

Drum roll?

My first novel is set to be out next April (that’s 2017).

Cue the confetti cannon!

It’s an urban fantasy about a woman who is convicted of killing her entire family in a fire. She’s released by the FBI in exchange for becoming an agent to solve supernatural crimes.

Now I will start the process of prepping the manuscript for publication and building my platform. Which is marketing speak for…getting my name out there.

This blog will stay live.

I will keep you updated on where to find me online when that is set up.

I hope you will come with me on this new writing path! I’m very excited and so…yes. Ok. That’s it. Big news.



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