Writing and Reading Year in Review

I wrote far less than I wanted to this year, but I’m giving myself a pass on that. I’ve been busy momming like a BOSS. That doesn’t mean I didn’t write at all. I finished my second manuscript, a YA alternative history fantasy, and it was chosen as an alternate in Brenda Drake’s Pitch Wars.

I also started another totally different piece. It’s an urban fantasy set in a world where the veil between our world and the supernatural has dropped.  Beings from there (elves, gods, demons, etc.) and humans can come and go in each other’s worlds. I’m having a lot of fun writing it and for the first time I’m actually outlining before I write. (GASP WHAT???)

I read a few things this year but nothing that made my list of books I like to push on people, but I’m on Good Reads so you can look them up there if you like. Well, Burning Girls and Among Others were really good. They might be on the list mentioned above.

My plan for 2015 is to really buckle down and query for my alt history fantasy, finish/edit/beta test the second, and read a lot more. I’ve been lazy about reading, I confess.



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