Writers Writin and Critters Crittin

My dad had a bunch of MAD magazines from the 60’s. Sometimes I would dig them out and look at them. I liked Spy vs. Spy a lot. One of them had a cartoon in it about pitchers and poachers. I wish I could find it because it cracked me up. (This is the baseball type of pitcher, not a water pitcher.) So the first line was a picture of PITCHERS and POACHERS. The next line was PITCHERS PITCHIN’. Guys on a mound pitching baseballs. And POACHERS POACHIN’. Guys in hunting gear. It devolves into such hilarity as PITCHERS PITCHIN’ POACHERS where the baseball guys are winding up and throwing the hunter-poaching guys. I keep wanting to draw my own version with writers and something else.


I’ve lost all my new crit partners except one. I wrote a blog about this a couple weeks ago, after posting myself on a “How about we CP?” blog. I hadn’t heard from anybody in a while, and considering my jumbled life, I thought I had dropped the ball. So I emailed them and said, “Hey, I sort of fell off the planet for a little bit, and I can’t remember where we are – do I owe you stuff? Do you owe me stuff? Did we break up? : ) ”  And the one wrote back and said she’s busy until July so can I hold off. Yes, I can, no problem. But the others…they didn’t write back and unfollowed me on Twitter.

This is all to say, I think I see how my CP experiment is going to go. It’s not going. That’s fine. I’m considering one of the major online crit groups, like Critters or something. But I don’t think I’ll accept any more CPs from that site, no matter how enthusiastic they are.

In other news, I started a new book. It’s about a witch who was put in jail for killing an entire coven of her own family. She’s released to help the FBI’s Supernormal Investigations Unit solve crimes involving black magic in Earth. The setting is Earth, but after the Rift, which is when the veil between our world and the spirit world dropped and stuff is coming in and out from Otherwhere.  

I also started writing in this. It was a gift a couple of years ago when I asked people to give me a copy of their favorite books. I am enjoying it immensely even though I have only written in there maybe five times. I was sick with a deathcold last week so I missed a couple days.

That’s the news from my place.


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