Dear Sir or Madam: Snail Mail Project


Until I got out of college I wrote letters LIKE A BOSS. At one point in grade school I had something like five pen pals: Alabama, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, England, and Ireland. More pen pals in high school, then my friends when we went to college. Friends in other states and some overseas studying abroad. Pause for history: Kids, I was born before the interwebs were alive and before everybody did emails and googles. Back in my day, you had to write mail WITH YOUR HAND. Or a typewriter, which I did on occasion. There were things called ‘envelopes’ and ‘stamps’ involved. Go on and google it, I’ll wait. How awesome was it when you got something in the mail when you were a kid? It was pretty awesome for me. Especially awesome when I got letters from my UK pen friends in those flimsy air mail envelopes with PAR AVION stamped on them. How worldly! How exotic! My British friend Vicky (OF COURSE her name was Vicky) talked about school and summer hols and took classes like “Maths” and “French.” I desperately wanted to take French in grade school so I was terribly envious. Flash forward to now. The only fun mail I ever get any more is the occasional party invitation for a shower or wedding, holiday cards, birthday cards, and magazines I subscribe to. Husband’s aunt sends us a note after they’ve visited from out of state, always to say “so glad to see you” and usually with some photos she took while here. This is all to say, I am writing snail mail letters this summer. I asked my friends to volunteer to get a letter from me and I got a list of twenty. I numbered them and got a random calendar date-picker to choose twenty random dates to write, which I added to my calendar. Then I got a random number generator to spit out what order to write them in. First letter went out today.


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  1. What a disgusting name…snail mail…such a derogatory phrase which completely obliterates the hard work put in by our postal service employees. My father worked 6 days per week during most of his route, could not take a vacation unless his sub (not “a” sub, HIS sub) was available, checked on his postal customers, chased mail across snow banks, helped push cars out of snowbanks, repaired knocked-over mailboxes, kept track of who lived where and who moved where, dealt with those still-alive animals others hit with their cars but left the animals to suffer, got no discounts on postal supplies, and made pretty paltry pay. Make it “paper mail” or “postal mail” or just “mail” and give a salute to my dad and others just like him.

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