In My Tribe


This is what I was thinking about on the way to work this morning.

I have a high tolerance for what some call the “woo woo.” I may not necessarily believe in reincarnation or psychics, but I don’t dismiss the concepts out of hand. Sometimes I just don’t know or haven’t made up my mind. But when I heard about the idea of a soul tribe it resonated with me.

It’s become vague in my memory now, but it goes something like this: before your soul was born into your life on earth, it was out there in the cosmos hanging out with a bunch of other souls – your soul tribe. Then you were all flung down into mortal lives, scattered around the world and through time. And now when you meet people who were part of your soul tribe, you feel an instant connection. This isn’t romantic, like what you might call a soul mate. It’s different from that.

I’m not entirely sure I believe that is exactly what happens but I like the story. I like the explantion for why we might click with certain people.

There have been times I’ve felt I’ve found my people. My tribe, as it were. Until high school, I was pretty sure I was clearly from another planet because I couldn’t find my people anywhere.

In college, I spent a few summers as a counselor at a camp for academically gifted kids. Talk about finding your people! So many of those kids spent their whole year away from camp counting the days until they could get back with their friends at camp again. And the first year I was a counselor, the counseling group was amazing. I had never bonded that quickly with that many people at once.

It’s harder as an adult to find your tribe, I think. People are wrapped up in their own stuff and don’t feel like they need to make friends the way they did in school. And it’s weird to make new friends as an adult. The best we seem to do is friend each other on Facebook.


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