The Spider on Social Media


Obviously I have a blog. I also make Tweets on the Twitter (@thwritingspider – follow me!). (And I have a Facebook page but that’s really just for me, Sara, not as the Writing Spider and it’s how I keep up with all my really lovely friends.

I love social media. I really do. I love reading funny things and being introduced to interesting concepts, books, people and suchlike. I love Facebook for seeing what my friends are doing and thinking, pictures of their wee bairns and dogs and new houses.  

I’m having a little problem with Twitter though. To a certain extent I have the same problem with this blog and that is, I want to build an audience for my writing. It’s what all the cool kids are doing and this might be my one shot in life to be a cool kid, right? But I’m not getting as big an audience as I wish. I know part of that is my inconsistent posting schedule.  

That’s another side note. Social media sometimes makes me feel like I’m back in fifth grade. Examples: seeing on Facebook that I didn’t get invited to this party or that dinner. The fact that I CANNOT seem to a) get more than 120 followers on Twitter or b) KEEP 118 followers on Twitter. And realizing some cool person has unfollowed me on Twitter. All of a sudden I’m back on the playground wondering why everybody hates me.

Ok, that’s a little bit of a hyperbole. But I’m betting you catch my drift, at least a little bit.

My Twitter plan is to follow agents, publishers and writers, as well as a few friends. Twitter is a weird world. You read other people’s stuff but since you don’t “know” them, you might not respond to their tweets. You don’t want to be that rando Twitter stalker person. You don’t want to tweet too much, or too little. Sometimes I follow agents to whom I wish to sent my work and then I feel weird about continuing to follow them after they’ve declined it.

So I’m re-committing myself to blogging. Which will automatically post on Twitter. We’ll see where that gets us.


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