An encouraging rejection

Snoopy A few months ago, I participated in one of those Twitter pitch contests. If you don’t know, this is when someone hosts the event on Twitter – sometimes they are hosted by agents, or publishing houses. Writers pitch their books in a tweet with a specific hashtag and agents check the hashtags to see which manuscripts they might like to see more of. I sent a query and a synopsis and I think a couple of chapters to an agent for the publisher hosting the contest. (I sent her “Daughter of Light,” my second manuscript that re-imagines WWII with magic and automatons and some zombies and stuff.)

She emailed me asking about the romance in the book. The publisher is primarily a romance publisher and they like their stories with lots of kissy bits. There is a little romance in the story, and I told her as much. I also said that while there was romance, it was going to develop over the course of the three books I had planned but I was not opposed to bumping it up a little. So I revised and sent her the whole manuscript. I feel good about the revisions. I stuck to my original plans for the story, so I didn’t feel like I was cutting off my baby’s arms to suit her. (This was A.C. Crispin’s analogy at Dragon*Con, not mine, but I like it.)

A few days ago, I got what was ostensibly a rejection email but I’m about as okay with it as possible. She was really positive about the book but said it just didn’t fit with the publisher’s stable. I absolutely get that. Looking at their crop of writers and books, I can see where mine doesn’t quite fit because it isn’t heavy enough on the romance.

I haven’t shopped this book around as much as the first one, for several piddly reasons, but I feel like I really need to get on the ball and get it out there.



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