Agent update

So I have two manuscripts. The first one is called The Bluegrass Goddess Incident, and it’s a weird little book that combines mythology, fantasy, steampunk, and contemporary elements. I call it a New Adult Fantasy, since we have to put everything in its category. If Twilight is potato chips, this book is anchovies. It’s not for everybody. And I get that. It’s been rejected by every agent based on the query letter and whatever they request (10 pages, a synopsis, etc.). This might be the book that is published posthumously.

The other book is called Daughter of Light and it’s a YA alternative history fantasy. I’ve basically taken over World War II for my own use here, including Hitler and the histories of the US and England, among other things (for example, in this world, the US never gained its independence from England! Tesla didn’t die a pauper! Im in ur historee messin up ur stuff!). It’s meant to be the first of three books. I’ve shopped it around just a little bit. I got a rejection yesterday from the agent I thought would just really love it.

I feel like the manuscripts are my two children and people really want to hang out with one and think the other one is weird and talks funny.

Daughter needs some revisions, and perhaps I’ve sent her out too early. But I really believe in both of these stories and so I will keep plugging away at it.




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