What I’m Reading

A friend solicited book recommendations today and I was a little embarrassed not to have much to contribute. She listed some books and authors whose work she liked and sought similar tomes – literary fiction.

I have an M.A. in English Literature and spent many, many, many years reading ONLY literary fiction. Then I met Husband and he introduced me to the wonderful world of science fiction and fantasy. Now that I’m writing fantasy, and young adult at that, that’s where my reading is concentrated.

I read so slowly that I feel compelled to keep up with YA fantasy trends instead of varying much. I’ve also gotten to a point in my life where I appreciate the escapism that fantasy books provide.

Right now, I’ve just started the fourth book in GRRM’s Song of Fire and Ice. I adored the third book, and I love the series as a whole. I’m also reading a little about twins, since mine are due in November, but I can only read so much about that subject before I get bored or overwhelmed or both.




  1. Even though I’m currently writing a fantasy book right now, I’ve been on a contemporary kick because my MC comes from a contemporary world but he was thrust into a fantasy one. Also, it deals with depression and suicide, and not a lot of fantasy books cover this, so gotta depend on the contemporary to give me some ideas.

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