In which the Spider freaks out, then starts a new blog.


If you recall, or perhaps you don’t so you may go here, my last post concerned the news that I am With Child.

Yesterday we went for our first ultrasound. I was nervous, but not for the reasons you might think. Yes, I was a little concerned in general – I have a friend who went to hear the heartbeat for the first time and there was nothing.  Her body kept progressing as if she had still been pregnant. I was afraid of that a little bit. My main fears concerned time off work, to be honest.

Anyway, I got to the ultrasound place a minute after Husband. Signed in. Paid the copay. Waited. The nurse took me back for some questions. At one point we were left alone in the room. Husband read on his phone and I jiggled my foot. Finally I pulled some essential oils out of my bag – neroli, which is supposed to be calming. I got it and some bergamot to help me cope with the nausea (the terrrrrrrrible nausea). I rubbed some neroli on my wrists and tried to relax.

Then we went into the ultrasound room. Cut to me on the table, tummy covered in goo, and the tech touching the wand thingy to my middle. For a second I saw….two round blobs. I thought to myself, “Was that…? Naaahhh…she’s just getting all set up. That was my bladder or something.”

But Husband, who is currently doing his pediatric/maternity rotations for nursing school was staring hard at the screen.

“Looks like there’s two in there.”

I burst out laughing.

Over the next half hour, I laughed in disbelief and delight, Husband shook his head, and the tech tried to get B to roll over so we could see the neck. Two strong heartbeats. Two little polliwogs.

This was so far off my radar, I can’t even tell you. Twins don’t run in our families. I had no fertility assistance. And they are identical which means that we had something like a .03% chance of this happening. We just kept staring at each other and shaking our heads.

After we talked to the doctor we went to my regular ob/gyn practice where we talked to more doctors and nurses and kept shaking our heads. Appointments were made. Prescriptions were given.

And we’re having twins.

I feel this is a good enough reason to start a separate blog so if you feel inclined, please come visit. I’ll continue to post writerly stuff here, too, as I am able.


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