Oh I have a blog!


So I finished a book. This would be my second book completed. The first one is a really weird little stand-alone about some ambitious demi-goddesses who take over the lives of a bunch of characters in order to shape a story that will wow the gods into giving the demi-goddess some celestial promotions. I love this book, it is my baby, but so far, no agents will claim it.

The second book is the first in a trilogy. It is an alternate history fantasy set during World War II. The Colonists lost the war for independence and the US remained part of Britain. A young woman loses her only family – her grandparents – and soon discovers she is a prophesied heroine meant to defeat a mad man. There’s magic and airships and a madam with rubies in her teeth.

I have basically appropriated WWII, its related timelines and characters, and some Jewish mysticism for my own use.

This one has gotten more interest than the first one, which is kind of like when people like one of your kids more than the other and you keep saying, “But Jane is really good at dominoes and she makes her own clothes!” And everybody just says, “That’s nice… Can we talk to Sally now?”

It happens.

I’m also very much learning to love Twitter. I didn’t think I would like it this much but I do. However, occasionally I will notice that my followers have dropped by one or two and I can’t remember who was following in the first place so it’s hard to see who it was. I always hope it’s those weird Twitter skankbots. Where you get a follower named “Liza Duvall” and her whole feed is links to half-nekkid pictures. How do they end up following ME?

Anyway, thanks for dropping by.



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