How I Write teh Words

ImageI love hearing how other writers do their work. Some people are all about the outlines. Some people like to do long-hand. This is what I do.

Think of an idea.

Research it.

Make notes.

Google it!

Get sucked into Wikipedia!

Look at YouTubes!

Right now, I have two different books and one was outlined, one was not. I like doing it both ways. People kept talking about outlines and how they’re so very, very important so that is why the second book has an outline. I wanted to try it out. Also, the second book is part of a planned trilogy so it was important for me to plot – at least loosely – the entire three books.

Once I get started writing, I do broad strokes. Like I’m building a skeleton. Then I go back over it and over it and over it and fill in more and more meat on the bones. Sometimes I add or delete entire scenes or move this arm over here, that ear down here.

What’s your process like?


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