The Moth: True Stories Told Live

All you public radio people in the US will probably have heard of The Moth. If not, you can check them out here. Louisville just got a Moth story slam last fall. I’ve been a few times, persuaded in part by my friend Randi. She and her husband participated in The Moth in New York and are happy to have it in their new Louisville home.

The last time I went, I had sort of halfheartedly prepped a story but it was the week after my Stupid Car Accident and I was feeling Sorry For Myself in a big way so I wasn’t really going to get up there. “You have to,” Randi and Dave urged. “If you have a story, you have to put your name in the hat.” So I did, thinking I wouldn’t get called.

I got called first. I don’t remember what my score was, but I did ok and I felt good after.

So last week, I put my name in the hat and what do you know – I won. Honestly, I think it’s because I said “tits” a lot.  Here is a link to my local paper’s coverage of the night.



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