Went out to my car on Tuesday to get a pair of shoes I’d left in there and found my entire glove box, the console, and both the seat back pockets emptied into the passenger seat.

Ah, I thought, this explains why I noticed the driver’s side door wasn’t quite closed yesterday. Thinking I hadn’t closed it myself, I just bumped the thing shut with a hip and got into Husband’s car.

I live in Teh Ghe-hetto.

I know, I know – I shouldn’t have left the car doors unlocked. I tend to do that in my own condo parking lot if I’m planning on going out again. Guess I didn’t go out again on Sunday.

Items taken: the remote entry fob I bought off Ebay three months ago and never could get to work with my car; a very cheap pair of headphones I kept in my small gym bag with my Zumba shoes in the car; 75 cents in quarters from the small gym bag.

I didn’t like those headphones anyway.

I feel a little icky about someone having been in my car and touching my stuff. I mean, it’s not a huge deal – my sister’s car actually got broken INTO last year and her iPod was stolen. I would be pretty upset if my iPod was stolen or my car windows were broken just to get to said iPod. But my iPod, like my car, is old and nobody wants to go through the effort to actually BREAK anything.

Luckily, the thief wasn’t in the mood for a $90 yoga mat or some Steve Madden pumps because they were still there.

I keep my spare change in a spot they didn’t think to look in either so all $1.57 in pennies was there, as well as the pretty beaded coin purse (gift from a friend) and my lucky $2 bill.

Really, this was more of a “meh-hassle” than a Major Issue. But listen to Auntie Spider, kids, and lock your car doors up tight.


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  1. How have you been Miss Spider? I’ve been out of the blogosphere for months and just wandered back. Your car theft reminds me of a similar experience I had years ago. My Datsun 210 was broken into and … laundry detergent was stolen. Yes, Tide. I just kept it in the car since this was in The Laundromat Years of my life.

    Take care!

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