Warm mess, Not so stupid, and Into the Belly of the Beast

This post will cover hot yoga, my lost draft, and Asshat Manor.

1. Hot yoga: I’ve been back three more times and it’s a mixed bag. Once, it was absolutely awesome. I didn’t get dizzy, I stayed and did the whole class and I walked out feeling ahmahzing. I went two weeks ago and it was HORRIBLE – I had to lie down like…50 times. For a little while in class, I saw spots and lost hearing in one of my ears. AWFUL. I went last week and it was fine. I think that where I stand in class makes a huge difference so I have to get there a half hour early to stake my claim on the Cool Corner. I’ll keep you posted.

2. Lost draft/jacked-up flash drive: Well color me stupid. There was a draft of my story saved to my desktop that, in my panic, I didn’t search. Since then, I have set up a Dropbox account and also bought a new flash drive. Crisis averted. Draft found and saved OFTEN.

3. Asshat Manor: Several of you have found this blog by searching “Thug Life” or “Asshat.” This is in reference to my neighbors who are now GONE. But I have to provide an update, of course. When we last saw them, Thug Life had been carted off to jail for a variety of infractions – including possession of a weapon by a felon and inhospitable living conditions for an animal. The property is now in foreclosure and is set to be auctioned next week. Yesterday, Husband and I joined two other neighbors – both on our condo association board – for a quick tour of Thug Life’s previous residence.

Ho. Lee. Shit.

Take the worst college dorm room you’ve seen, sprinkle in some crack house, and coat liberally with dog poo and there you have it. Hundreds of empty liquor bottles. Two overturned couches. Trash on par with a Hoarders episode. Blacklight posters and several nekkid lady posters. Cabinet doors hanging off hinges. Holes in walls. Holes in the ceiling.

What really boggles my mind? The underwear. Ladies’ underwear. Several bras, a few pairs of panties… What kind of girl thinks this kind of guy is good dating material? And what happened that she left without her underthings??

Truly, the mind reels.

I’m tempted to go to the auction just to see what happens…

As always, I’ll keep you posted.



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