Teh stupid tax I payz it

  Children, heed my words. Back your shit up.

Yesterday I sat down to work on my New Novel (tentatively titled Daughter of Light, the first in a trilogy, fyinformation). I plugged in my little flash drive which I tend to use so I can go from laptop to desktop. I kept getting an error bubble that the USB was malfunctioning.

Before panicking, I searched my hard drive for drafts and found none.

Then I panicked.

Apparently, I did not save the stuff to my desktop. STUPID STUPID STUPID. I thought I did, but I did not.

I’m fairly certain that there is physical damage to the drive. I moved my office around two weeks ago and I believe that during the shift, I didn’t take care of my flash drive as I should have.

Four emails sent to local data recovery companies revealed estimated charges of $60 – $400 dollars. To the $400 guy I wanted to write back and say, “Really? For a little 4GB thumb drive?? For reals??”

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that I’m out of a job right now and paying $100 to get my 40,000 words back…seems like a luxury I should not indulge. Maybe it’s the Catholic in me but I feel like having to rewrite those 40,000 words would be apt punishment for not backing up the drafts on multiple media. And it’s not like I’m working and have to fit writing in with work so…*shrug*.

Right now, I WANT to see if the data recovery people can do something but I don’t think I will. I think I’ll brood about it for a day or two more then get my bottom back in the chair and rewrite it. I do have half an early draft.

In honor of my stupidity, I give you this clip of auto-tuned news in which the star reminds one that she was backin’ up backin’ up. Apparently my daddy didn’t teach me so good.




  1. When i was studying for my degree my tutors told me that my work didn’t exist until it was saved in at least 3 different places. From then on I emailed myself my work; saved it on a flash drive and saved it on my desktop. My dissertation was only 12,000 words but if I’d have lost that… I would have been paying the extra to get it back again.

    Sorry to hear that you lost your novel though :/ maybe it was God’s horrible way of reminding you to back your work up… Pretty harsh reminder though! X

  2. UGH…it is the worst feeling! I sat down to send out my poetry book to apply for a grant and found that I had apparently not saved all the work I had done that last time I worked on it. First came the panic, then anger, then nausea…you have the right attitude though, maybe the Universe is talking to you…believe the second round will be better…

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