Listening to: Heligoland (Massive Attack) (because I’m out of Pandora minutes for the month)

Reading: The Iron Duke (Meljean Brook)

Wishing: For rain

Watching: True Blood season 3 from Netflix (Good heavens, it’s gory…)

Hoping: It won’t cost the sale of a major organ to fix the AC and tires on my car.

Books progress: I added about 1,000 words to Novel #1 this weekend and decided to steer the characters of Novel #2 in a *slightly* different direction. I slept a lot this weekend in the form of naps – 4 hours on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Probably because it’s hot as demon balls outside.

Query letters: A disappointing lack of responses from the 27 query letters I sent out, but I realize it takes a while sometimes. I also remember that some of the agents I queried say things like, “If you haven’t heard from us in 2 weeks, assume we passed.” Although some are like, “If you haven’t heard from us in two weeks, email us.” Must check my Master List of Queries, which is a color-coordinated alphabetized record of queries including: agency name, snailmail address, email, submission guidelines, agent I queried and what I sent, date sent, response and response date, and misc notes like, “Represents xyz author that I like.” Blue ones have been queried. Dark blue have responded and declined. Yellow means I’m not sure why I put them on the list because when I went to submit, something on the website says something contradictory to the Writers Market site. No color means I haven’t queried and it’s probably waiting for a snailmail query which some agents want.


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