Neurotic to the bone, no doubt about it

Found this in my spam folder this morning:

I love your

Awwww. Too bad it was from a spammer.

So the agent hunt continues, as does the slow execution of a new story, as does continued tweaking on the first one. I’ve been reading agents’ tweets and blogs here’s what’s going on in my head:

1. If an agent asks for a partial (which means, a chunk of the book, like “5 chapters” or “40 pages”) or a full (the whole manuscript), it may take up to six months for them to get back to you. Believe me, I TOTALLY understand that timeframe. I’m a slow reader on a good day and I can’t imagine having a slush pile plus query letters and all manner of other stuff to read. Though I’ve not yet found myself in a position that this is a PROBLEM (and I wish it was a problem, really, because it means that more than one agent had asked for a partial or full), I’m worried about how to handle it should the need arise.

2. I love reading crappy query letters. I know, it’s total schadenfreude, but there it is. I know mine’s at least nominally better than the bad ones, and I’m learning how to write a better one with every agent’s blog post and rejection I get. I sort of want to get an agent not only to be repped, but to talk about the worst query letters they’ve seen.

3. I’m still tweaking the first book. Dammit. The second book was supposed to entice me away from that.

4. I keep reading about authors who went yeeeearrs without finding agents and getting published. And then I read about authors who do it like this: “I wrote this book. Then I went to this conference and I met (Insert Famous Writer’s Name Here) who introduced me to her agent. Now I’m famous.” Ok, WHERE can I learn the alchemy that is “I met this author” and also the magic that is “met her agent” and then the mystery that happens between that and “Now I’m published and I go to conventions and panels and sign autographs”??



  1. I am reading a book called “The Spider’s House” by Paul Bowles. I got interested in reading his books after seeing the movie “The Sheltering Sky.” Paul Bowles is so good. I think that if I keep reading fabulous writers, then it will rub off on me!
    What is your genre?

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