The Job Hunt of 2010/2011 has come to an end.

(And there was much rejoicing.)

 I will spare you the job details, save this: I’ll be writing for a web media company located a mere 3 miles from my house. The job includes full benefits and a lot of cool people to work with.

 The adult parts of me are like this: Oh, thank the lord, now I don’t have to panic that we will get smushed in a car accident and have a kazillion medical bills. Thank the gods that I will have a steady income, retirement planning, and DENTAL insurance! So far, I really like these people and I’m not stressed out at work all the time. Now I can get back into a routine that includes paychecks and going to the gym and getting out of the house!

The creative artist parts of me are like this: I really wanted to make a go of my own business while I had the chance. Now I’m afraid I’ll never be able to be on my own, making my own money and not held back by a salary.

 The lazy parts of me are like this: No more naps at 2 in the afternoon. Can’t go shopping at 10 am. Can’t read a book all day out on the patio.

 Also, I feel very cautious about getting excited. I got excited last year when I got that job at the non-profit and that was a total and complete unequivocal disaster, comparable only to the televised Romanian women’s gymnastics debacle of 2001.

I do believe in fate. I do believe in making your own way, too. I’m giving up on Making Too Many Plans because it’s a waste of time.

 Tune in next time for an update on your favorite neighbors, Thug Life, with a guest appearance by Casa de la Crazytown.


*The picture today is of a Momiji doll. I’ve been obsessed with Momijis since I saw them in Canada a few years ago. This is called “Hurray.”



  1. Hello! I’m glad that your job hunt has ended. Congrats to you on that since I am still having that dilemma. I graduated from college about two months ago and have been job searching since January. It begins to get discouraging when you don’t hear from at least one company. As a result of getting nowhere I have decided to take “me” time for the summer and travel. The only depressing part is that most of my friends have jobs/careers and their social life has faded. I believe in fate also, which is why I am trying not to freak out too much. Anyways, just wanted to say congrats!

    • Well thank you! You’re a newbie on the job hunt scene then, if you’re just graduated! Best of luck. My advice is this: send your resume to every person you know and ask them to forward it to anyone they think might be able to help you. Remind people what you’re looking for often. And don’t be too hard on your friends with jobs and careers – they still have social lives, they’re just different from college years. There’s life after work, after all. : )

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