What’s UP with Mondays?

I’ve been networking my head off in the last week, and preparing to do more this week. I’ve gotten some really great feedback and ideas about my graphic recording work and I hope to make a go of that because unemployment sucks.

In other news, the annual Winter Grey has settled on the Ohio River Valley, much to everyone’s disappointment. It’s just a thick layer of mush-colored wool pulled over the world until at least March or April. We’ve retreated into Netflix. And I have a case of the winter bleccchhs. The only thing saving me is Zumba.

Thug Life has been unsettlingly quiet the last month, except for their duely-driving compatriot who insists on flooring the gas pedal in the driveway when it’s icy out.

Husband started nursing school this week which is good – he’s been talking about it for years. Literally. We’ve been married for 6 and he’s been talking about it for about 9.

I think I’m done. I’ll try to say something more interesting next time.



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