Two weeks in…

(Photo: I looked in Google Images under “wigged out” and this is what came up. My post has nothing to do with cats. Or actual wigs. But I feel this photo sums up the Dadaist way my life is unfolding.)

I cannot believe it’s been two weeks since Epic Job FAIL. Here’s a state of my union.

The first week involved a lot of sleeping. Also, a lot of wandering around the house. I did managed to clean out and organize both the entryway closet and the master bedroom linen closet which was FULL of expired allergy/cold medication. So, you know, the ferrets can’t make meth anymore. And that’s good. Our water bill was outrageous.

This week has involved more sleeping, less wandering, and a new quirk – WACKADOO MOOD SWINGS. Like, minute-to-minute mood swings where everything is ok then it’s MOST. DEFINITELY. NOT. OKAY.

Both weeks involved a decent amount of wine, but not to the point that you should be worried.

So far, I have applied for thirteen jobs and sent out ‘feelers’ to around ten former colleagues, contacts, and other resources. Not even a nibble yet.

I pitched the following idea to Husband: why not try to cobble together a work-life around writing so that I am not exactly full-time freelance, but am making “enough.” Teaching English, contract proofreading, visual facilitation work, etc. After all, this is sort of my dream though in our minds it would happen on our terms, not because of a series of unfortunate events.  The response was lukewarm.

There are so many threads to consider here:

  • We won’t have employer-provided insurance or retirement plans, or maternity leave (see below for more on that) until one of us gets a job with those benefits (COBRA? Stupidexpensive.)
  • He doesn’t think I have enough of a client base right now, nor can I establish one quickly enough, to consider freelance writing as a full time job
  • Can’t start a family in this situation – I feel it would be irresponsible to actively try for kids (which is effing scary in and of itself – I’m 34 and now that me and my old ass are so very very old, there are no longer eggs in my ovaries, it’s all just quiche now)
  • Husband wanted to start nursing school but that’s not a great idea with me not working – we are having to defer plans left, right and center
  • Picking up holiday work for me might be less beneficial than my unemployment insurance which will let me work on writing and searching for a new job
  • Husband *would* have had a great job if….agh. Such a long story and it makes me so angry to tell it.

My plan (because I always have one) is to:

  • Continue searching for full/part/contract employment and just see what pans out
  • Keep sleeping when I feel like it
  • Work on my story some more
  • Hone my facilitation skills – I just requested like 10 books from the library on strategy, innovation, and organizational change – to help my visual facilitation practice (see my stuff at
  • Try not to wig out completely




  1. COBRA is actually cheaper than what I pay at work per month. How sick is THAT?

    I’m sorry to hear your troubles. The one great thing about being employed (even if making less than $20k a year and no other income…driving an hour each way, etc.) is that I have that routine.

    All of my friends who’ve lost jobs have not found a new one — going on 2 years. It’s crazy. The economy *has* to get better.

    I can’t offer any thing positive, which is terrible, but I wanted to comment and let you know you’re not alone.

  2. Um, there’s always Jobfox. They have all sorts of BRAND NEW features that promises you will be put at the top of the *for-every-job-ad-there-are-5-applicants* heap. Rob McGovern and Madeline Willis miss you. They will still write your resume for the bargain price of $299 and throw in several other features for *free*.

    So you see, things could be worse, right? Am thinking of you in your job hunt.

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