Interview with a Famous Writer-type Person

Last night the phone rang. “Oh, pardon me,” I said to Husband. “That’s my call from a Famous Writer. I have to take it.”

When you participate in A.C. Crispin’s Dragon*Con workshop, she calls you. Personally. On the phone.  I admit I’m not an avid reader of hers, but she’s a veteran writer and knows the business as well as the craft. (For those of you who don’t read much sci-fi, here’s a link. She’s really well-known in these circles and I was feel very puffed-up to have her phone number on my caller ID.) The point is to answer questions about the workshop. She had not, alas, read my submission yet, which is fine. We mostly talked about travel – she’s in Maryland now and will head to Atlanta then Australia. We discussed long plane rides, visiting foreign countries, and not sleeping well in strange beds when we travel.

Having read most of the submissions for the workshop, I’m feeling less worried about my talent level compared to my workshop cohorts. I’m satisfied that I can write at the very least as well as they can. Also, I think my idea is good. There are some changes to be made, and so forth, and there always will be. My issue is presenting the book so I can get it published. I don’t have a good elevator pitch or a pithy written synopsis yet. The workshop looks into all these things plus agent hunts, scams, and such.  The agent hunt will begin, I hope, in two months. Two months is enough time for me to make further revisions and prep the thing for takeoff.

These days, I’m longing to be at home in front of my computer writing and revising instead of at work, but a girl’s got to pay the bills.


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