Seven Things About Me

Because everybody loves a list.

1. I cannot listen to The Little Drummer Boy without bursting into tears. Even the super-cheesy Muzaky Swingle Singers-ish version. It makes shopping around the holidays difficult.

2. I can fix a lot of my problems with hot water in the form of a shower or a cup of tea. Or both. Also, wine helps.

3. When I listen to the radio, in my head I’m imagining I’m the lead singer of a band performing the song OR an Olympic figure skater beloved by all for her sassy yet challenging routines.

4. I have extremely long tendons. It allows me to bend my fingers in ridiculous ways that will most likely make you uncomfortable. My legs naturally  hyperextend as do my arms which makes it look sort of like my arms were possibly put on backwards at the factory.

5. The question I have been asked the most in my life: “Are you wearing contacts?” Yes. The second question I have been asked most: “Are they colored?” No. I got backwards arms and blue eyes at the human bean factory.

6. In the seventh grade I got second place in a spelling bee. After spelling catacomb, baroque, and tumult, I misspelled checkered. What can I say? I panicked.

7.  Paul Simon’s music and the Garden State soundtrack are instantly comforting.


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