Finished Draft and A Plan

With the exception of a few pages, I have completed a second manuscript.

It’s a fantasy story set in Louisville, Kentucky, and features ghosts, mechanical people, evil lab creations, a mysterious forest, love, kissing, swords, and cemeteries.

I have secured three beta readers.

Here is the Plan: Work all summer to prepare the story and then go to Dragon*Con in September.

I’ve completed the easy  part, I think. Writing the story was the easy bit. DOING something with it will be the hard part.

What’s so hard?

I’m nervous to send it to my beta readers. What if it’s terrible? What if it’s SO terrible I can’t even fix it with their help?

What if I put all this time into it and nobody ever wants to publish it?

I told a friend I’d written a book and she goes, “Are you going to have it published?” I laughed because she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Of course I’d love to have it published! But it’s not that easy.

Until September, I’ll be boning up on my agent-seeking book-publishing ninja-editing skills.

Advice? Thoughts? All are welcome.



  1. oooh–do you still need beta readers? I had no idea it was fantasy, I usually hide from reading friends’ manuscripts as they tend to be Serious Novels About Important Things, something I am in no way qualified to chime in about. I can’t request on facebook, as some of those Serious Novelists are in fact on there. My email is

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