Crazy like a JobFox

After a long dry spell with nary a JobFox email in sight, I thought they might’ve cut their losses and moved on. 


I have here TWO emails from none other that the BIG CHEESE himself, founder and CEO of JobFox, Rob McGovern. Move over Madeline! There’s a new sherriff in town. 

               I’m the founder of Jobfox, and I’d like to give you an entirely new way to outsmart the job market. We’ve been developing this new product for nine months, to help good people get hired,                despite the economy. Break Through normally costs $30, but you can use it for only one penny. FYI, the candidates who have tested Break Through give it rave reviews. 

No actual data on how many people have found jobs through JobFux. No actual reviews. So I guess I’ll take your word for it, Rob. Carry on.
Break Through will be available on June 11th. The innovative new tools in Break Through will transform your job search, giving you far more opportunities than simply searching for jobs. All you have to do is click here, make your one-cent payment, and you’ll be reminded to use the service on June 11th.  


It sounds so easy, Rob. I can’t see how this could be anything but AWESOME. 

Why Break Through? Only 13% of jobs get filled through online job listings. Break Through will help you get hired the way the other 87% of jobs get filled. Best of all, it will only cost you one penny. 

Here’s what you will get:

  • An Easy Way to Network with companies: You know you should network, but that’s not easy. Here is a comprehensive system to use Facebook and Linkedin to network with employers.
  • This information is available to me from the Internets for free…I know you’re just charging me a penny but still…you’ll have all my INFO and you’ll SPAM me if I do that. I already use LinkedIn, Twitter, and my website to connect with employers.


  • The Best Jobs for You: See where you’re highly rated at 5,000 companies. Receive feedback about the employers who are interested in you.
  • What does “highly rated” mean, Rob? Rated by whom and for what? And how much are you charging those “employers” to phish look at my resume?


  • Impress Employers on the Web: Impress employers by easily building an About Me page. It’s a creative way to demonstrate your skills, experiences, and strengths. 79% of companies check out candidates on the Web before scheduling an interview!
  •  I already have a web site…and I pay for that one…. 

  • Be Smarter than the Competition: receive weekly job search advice by the Internet’s most experienced job search expert.
  • Smarter than the competition? Your competition doesn’t send me ridiculous emails promising ridiculous things and asking for ridiculous amounts of money. Seriously? 

    Click here to get started.

    This one-penny offer expires on June 10, 2010.
    Best regards,Rob McGovern
    Founder and CEO, Jobfox
    Founder and former CEO, CareerBuilder
    Author: Bring Your A-Game: The Ten Secrets of the High Achiever
    What if I post this and send the link to Rob? Do you think he’ll visit?
    Rob, if you’re here, please find my other JobFox posts. For the record, I found a job. And I found a job without your site. Your site did not help me even a little bit.










    1. Sara,
      First of all CONGRATULATIONS on finding a job! Who cares if it’s a few dollars short of your last job. Happiness (and an office) make a big difference!
      I got an email from the big man over at JobFox, too. (you know the Internet’s self proclaimed job search expert). The email I received about the penny offer had already expired before the email was sent. One would think that the internet’s job search expert would review … well, never mind.
      I am suspicious about the part that they will “connect” me with others on FB and LinkedIn to help me network. The minimal privacy that FB and LinkedIn users have is being taken advantage of to gain access to seeker accounts and go wild with it. It sort of creeps me out.

    2. Maybe the “Internet’s most experienced job search expert” is working too hard at the “the fastest growing job site on the Internet” to take the time to proof read the emails they send.

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