Oh Frabjous Day!

I admit this is a little late, and both of my Loyal Readers will be so late to the party, but…


I’m not naming names, but I’ll be doing cool creative things with a locally headquartered education nonprofit.  STFU JOBFOX!! (More on them later – they’ve resumed sending me emails which means I am resuming mockery forthwith.)

While I am earning a teeeensy bit less than before (and still thousands less than the Joneses up with whom I will never be able to keep), I’m willing to sacrifice that for less stress! More productivity! Doing something for a nonprofit! Working under a boss I LIKE! I have my own office with a DOOR and a LAMP. I can look at my gmail email at work!

Plus, while on hiatus I FINISHED ANOTHER NOVEL, people. And I like it a lot more than the last one. In a few weeks, I’ll need beta readers! And advice on finding publishers and agents and whatnots.

With that announcement, I’m back on the blogwagon so please come back and read me some time. I do enjoy our little visits.

ps – I like frogs and this one just seemed to capture the moment so perfectly. I hope you don’t have a dentalphobia…


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