Runner Up for Worst Neighbors of the Year

You know about Thug Life. You’ve heard of Sorority Girl. I don’t even have a NAME for the folks upon whom I’m getting ready to unleash my unholy pen. Er…keyboard.

Now that Thug Life has calmed down (sorta), the action is kicking up at the OTHER neighbor’s house who are now on par with Thug Life for Number of Times Police Have Shown Up. They were fine at first. But over the last six months…clearly instability runs in the family. So for the time being, I’ll be ranting about Casa de la Crazytown and their unbelievable antics.

Please note: I firmly believe that if you choose to air your dirty laundry LOUDLY and with POLICE ASSISTANCE in a public space, then whatever display you put out there is fair game for commentary. When Husband and I throw down in the parking lot, well, then, write a series of blog posts about us, by all means. We’ll deserve it. So far, my outdoor shenannigans include: working on the garden, the occasional giggle-fest with girlfriends on the patio, and the time I cleaned the ferret cage with the garden hose.

I’ve mentioned the Screamy Teenagers here before, but let me give you a rundown of the dramatis personae:

  • Screamy Teenager Girl and Screamy Teenager Boy: They’re not actually teenagers, chronologically. They’re in their early twenties, but they look and act like fourteen year olds. Screamy Teenager Boy is Screamy Teenager Girl’s boyfriend and they both live in Casa de la Crazytown.
  • Fluffy Puff: He’s Screamy Teenager Girl’s dad. He’s a pushover which is why the entire Crazytown Household is such a hot mess.
  • Blonde Ambition: Fluffy Puff’s sister and aunt to Screamy Teenager Girl
  • Darkman: Blonde Amition’s boyfriend
  • Shaggy: Friend of the Screamy Teenagers who may or may not live with them
  • Cerberus: A hellish trio of miniature doberman pinschers owned by….frankly, I’m not sure. But I do know that none of them are fixed which is why there are now three…

Most recently, with the nicer weather, they’ve been leaving Cerberus on the patio which means NONSTOP YAPPING. Since our condos face the parking lot, they start barking when a car pulls in and stop long after the persons have disappeared into a residence. That’s not all. The dogs are untrained and MEAN. They bite people, including Mudra (my mom), and one of the other neighbor’s grandkids. They snap and snarl and the only discipline they get is Blonde Ambition screaming at them. I have never ever wished harm to animals the way I wish harm to these mongrels. Never have I wanted to drop kick a small dog to Kingdom Come. Until now.

Tune in next time when I shall recount the saga of Blonde Ambition’s dramatic departure from Casa de la Crazytown.



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