New Story

So I finished the first draft of the first book I ever writ. I tried to edit it but discovered…wow, I hate editing my own story. I think of that story as my trial run as a novelist.

I started another book a couple of weeks ago and I actually am really in love with it. It’s going so much more smoothly than the first and it feels much more cohesive as a novel. I’ve got about 18,000 words logged so far. There are elements of fantasy, steampunk, and a hell of a lot of literary allusions. That last bit is my way of appeasing the thesis committee in my head. When I defended my MA thesis, a collection of short fiction, I told them I was going to be a literary writer, all highbrow and stuff. I’ve strayed. This new story is set entirely in Louisville, Kentucky, my hometown, and features not only real Louisvillians, but neat tidbits about the city and its history. You know that shirt “WATCH OUT OR YOU’LL END UP IN MY NOVEL”? That’s me right now. I”m grabbing characters left right and center for shameless use. I’ve manipulated some geography and of course other facts, just a little in order for everything to make sense. I hope it’s not just a book for Louisvillians though. I want it to be accessible for everybody. Sense of place is tremendously important for me in my work. Perhaps I lack imagination.

Again I tell you, I don’t go out to party because I’m working on my story. It’s still in the honeymoon phase – I just want to spend all my time with it. I’m not ignoring you. I am, however, ignoring the housework…

Today, in fact, I’m off on a field trip to visit Louisville’s Cave Hill cemetery for some recon and research.


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