Remember last week when I was going to do that juice fast thing?


I lasted a day.


It was the incredible amount of produce that killed it. You need VAST EPIC quantities of vegetables to make a teeny weeny amount of juice. After two hours of juicing and a good coating of pulp all over the kitchen…I had enough for TWO DAYS on the plan. My budget begged for mercy.

What did we learn from this kids?

1. I learned how to crack open a coconut. (See photo.) A real young coconut. That’s a good skill to have, I think. Especially if I should find myself on any three hour tours that end up on an island primarily populated by coconuts.

2. It’s ok to try something new and then change your mind.

3. Smoothies made with frozen berries, almond milk, and crazy green vegetable powder are DA BOMB for breakfast. SRSLY. Delish.

4. Parsley juice is grody.

5. Drinking a lot of water and herbal tea: WIN. I’ve been drinking the hell out of some iced green tea I made. Green tea is supposed to be ubergood for you so go green tea!!


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