Job Hunt 2010: What to do?

I’m struggling a little, readers. Here’s the situation:

I had three interviews with Company B. First with the recruiter, then with the recruiter and the marketing director, then with the recruiter, the marketing director, and the marketing VP. The third interview wasn’t great. I know I’m missing a skill they want in a candidate. I have NO experience with a particular piece of software. But the recruiter and the marketing director seemed to like me well enough.

During the third interview, the VP said almost nothing. I read her demeanor to mean, “I have no interest in hearing what you have to say. I’m not interested in you at all.” She made a few notes on my resume, asked ONE question, and hustled out of the room the moment the recruiter closed the interview. One of her only comments was, “This job is 80% *insert skill you don’t have.*” I resisted the need to blurt out, “I’m pretty smart and this isn’t rocket surgery so I can probably LEARN this. Can we please just get over the fact that I currently DON’T use your little software thingy? Actually, I work for companies where my actual talent – writing – is paired with someone who’s actual talent is *software I don’t use.*” They are interviewing three candidates for this job and I’m supposed to learn something this week.

Right. SO there are other issues about which I am conflicted. I don’t know if they’re going to pay me what I want to make and considering I don’t have all the skills they want, I’m not sure I have any leverage there. Also, it’s not a job I’m necessarily thrilled about. I can do the work, it’s new work, so I would probably really dig it for a while. But…then there’s this other company…

Company A has shown interest in me for a few weeks, and I’ve had an interview. I really love what the company does (it’s a nonprofit) and I could really get behind the job, emotionally speaking. But they’re not making decisions until the end of April and I have no idea what sort of pay cut I’d be forced to take if I worked there.

My current questions:

Company B is going to make a choice soon. I may have bumped myself out of consideration when I didn’t have the right skillz. What do I do if they offer me the job? Ask for the money and bail if I don’t get it? Take the job and quit if something better comes along?

I love what Company A does but they might not pay much and as the higher earner in my family, this counts for a lot. Should I take them off the table if they don’t pay?


This may not be an issue if Company B doesn’t offer me a job. It will be an issue if they do.



  1. I see how this could be a dilemma. However, you should really choose the job that gives you the MOST fulfillment, now and in the long haul.

    You don’t actually know what Company A will pay and it sound like you would like it better. I know the money counts, but not if you would hate what you do in 6 months.

  2. I believe you have to be honest with yourself and figure out what your number 1 priority is. Is it job fufillment? Is it pay? Is it flexibility? Is it job stability? Whatever it may be, your priority in searching for a job should dictate what kind of job you end up taking. Fulfillment is always a wonderful thing, but if it isn’t going to pay the bills, then right now, it’s not where you go. However, if your finances can take the lower pay (whatever that pay may end up being), and you’re seriously in to what Company A does, then that may be the road for you. Take some time and make a list of the things you are looking for, and then think long and hard and rank them. It helps. 🙂

    I wish you the best of luck. I know how the rejection game goes, and I feel for you. Take care!!!

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