Odds & Ends

Many little things to mention but not enough for a whole entire blog post:

1. I started revising my novel manuscript. I’m very surprised at how much I’m NOT enjoying it…I was hoping I’d see all sorts of places to EXPAND and WRITE COOL STUFF. It feels rather tedious. Maybe I should do this revision then let it percolate for a while because I feel like I’m too close to the draft to see the real problems. I know there are major plot gaps, loose ends, and several “WTF??” moments.

2. The job hunt continues. I’m now within about a month of the end of my employment with my former employer which is now making me nervous. And by the way, asking “How’s the job hunt?” every time you see me isn’t helping. Neither is waving your hand dismissively and going, “Oh, you’ll find something.” I know you mean well but…quit it, ‘k?

3. I got a really nice note from a woman who read an article I wrote for a local magazine (I wrote the cover story). It’s nice to get noticed for writing stuff.

4. The sun is shining bright on my Old Kentucky home and that ROCKS. Kentucky winters are, at best, solidly overcast and supremely gloomy for three months, and at worst, also full of snow, rain, and ice. I cannot give words to the joy I feel about my garden: I pulled out all the old dead crap and cleaned it up and now all the new green shoots are poking their heads out. HOOOORAAAAYYY!

5. Daily I resist the urge to make cupcakes or cookies using my new fleur de lis cookie cutter. Honestly, I’ll just end up eating them myself.



  1. Hey I like your blog and it reminds me of one of mine, The Big Rant, but you are much nicer – hahah. I found you when it was suggested at the bottom of one of my posts. Glad to know about you and will follow for sure.

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