Ladies and Gentlemen, the BEST NEWS EVER

Yesterday as I toiled in my garden, saying hello to pleasant neighbors and the occasional squirrel, the president of our condo association stopped by and delivered the most astonishing news.

Thug Life’s bank is foreclosing on the property.”

This lady, a mature woman with silver hair, actually did a happy dance in her car.

Yes, Dear Readers, while it means no more amusing posts vis a vis Thug Life, it also means…

No more 3 am calls to the po po

No more beer bottle basketball with the Dumpster

Trash that goes into the Dumpster will STAY IN the Dumpster until Tuesday or Friday when the garbage truck empties the Dumpster into an approved receptacle

My property value might not go down any more

No more drunken midnight cussfests with your gaggle of skanks

No more SWAT teams blocking the parking lot

Can I get an amen up in here?



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