Job Hunt 2010: Mid-March Madness

Days since layoff: 28

Resumes sent out: 18 (not including the blast to friends)

Interviews for actual positions: 0

Pre-screen phone calls for actual interviews: 2

Suggestions that when various hiring managers reappear from vacay, will have face-to-face interview: 2.5

Response in the negative for positions applied for: 3

Hopeful lunch dates: 1

Lunch dates to bitch about situation: 2

Number of times per day I think about not having a job: a google

Naps taken: 18

Number of jobs I’ve applied to from RhinoGator: 2

Number of emails I get per day with lists of “jobs” which are mostly sales jobs or sketchy work-at-home deals: 5



  1. I know how you feel. I’m sorry that it’s been so frustrating for you and that you haven’t had any real leads. I’ve been looking for a job myself, but considering that I only went back to school now to finish my B.A. and I’ve been a stay at home mom for 2 years, the odds are against me.

    Have you noticed that a lot of executive assistant and receptionist positions in Manhattan require a college degree? I didn’t know I needed a bachelor’s to answer phones and get coffee.

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