The Search…Continues

As a writer, I expect rejections of my work. In fact, I feel rather proud of those rejections because it means I tried. I showed up for the dance, as it were. Some don’t even get that far. Job rejections are harder to deal with, mostly because I feel like pretty much every job I apply for I would like to at least have the chance to investigate further. I’ve gotten three rejections this week for jobs I applied for online. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I hate applying for jobs online. I feel like the e-gatekeepers are blind and illiterate so my resume never gets to the right people.

Also, this morning on the radio, they read the statistic that 1 in 10 Americans is out of work.

And my friend C called today. C has been out of work for more than a year and we are both feeling a little bummed about the whole Jobless thing.

Despite all that, today I’m also investigating (investigatoring?) another job aggregator called RhinoGator. (Please see full disclosure below.)  I spent some time today poking around there and so far, it seems like the same job aggregators I’ve been to before with a few dissimilarities. Today, I’ll talk about my initial login process and some about the resume bit.

First, the account creation process asks you to create an account with the usual email and password combo, but then it kicks you straight back to the search feature – it doesn’t tell you to expect a confirmation email – which then mysteriously comes to my inbox without identifying tags of any sort:


Thank you for registering with R1! Just click the link below to confirm your email account.

Confirm my address


Who’s R1? No direction on what to do besides CONFIRM ACCOUNT. It sounds sketchy. Being an intrepid journalist, I click on it anyway and I’m taken to the account page.

Moving on, the system does allow you to save multiple searches, references, resumes and cover letters – you know you’re supposed to tailor EACH resume to each job, right? (See, Madeline Willis? I’m not so dumb after all.)  You can upload a resume from Monster, too. Now, it seems that RhinoGator is going to create a resume FOR me as I either upload from Monster or fill in the series of questions/information boxes. But I can’t figure out how to upload from Monster now that I’ve chosen not to.

I created a job search agent entitled “communications” and excluding the term “at home.” Soon I hope to report on how that interface/search is working. I think I’m supposed to receive an email about newly posted jobs.

Tune in next time when I will have more updates from the jobless front lines.

Full disclosure: I was approached by the creators of RhinoGator and asked to be a reviewer for their job aggregator. While I am modestly compensated for my work, I am providing an authentic review of my experience with the site. Whatever I write is, however, considered an endorsement and you can read more about that here.


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