Oooo I think she likes me…

This JUST IN from my friend Madeline who clearly has my checkbook best interests at heart as she continues to stalk me via email:

Dear Sara:

I’d like to assist you with your job search by making sure you get selected for interviews. While the job market is challenging, we’re succeeding at getting Jobfox members more interviews and job offers.

In most cases your resume is the only way of evaluating you, and companies are receiving hundreds of resumes per job opening. There’s no dispute: higher quality resumes get selected more often. Many people short change the resume step, and they aren’t getting interviews.

Jobfox improves more resumes than any other service. We can make you a stronger and better presented candidate, which will help you compete in this job market. It will speed your job search by weeks or months. Without question, the payback is impressive.

You have just 5 more days to save 25% when you order a professionally-written and formatted resume. With our flexible payment plan, pay just $53.28 a month over 6 months with your credit card. You can also make a one time payment of $299. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

I’m here to help with your resume. Call me or send me an email with any questions.


Madeline Willis
Senior Resume Consultant
Monday – Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm ET
Saturday 9:30am – 1:30pm ET



  1. Well, she is a SENIOR resume consultant. Not some namby-pamby sophomore or junior one. I’m sure that must have involved intesive coursework on subjects such as “Developing Your Patronizing Tone” and “Ruthless Schilling.”

  2. Why on Earth wouldn’t you want to spend $299 on Madeline and her skills? What else are you going to spend the money on? The electric bill or mortgage or some other frivolous thing? 😉

  3. You will be able to count on both hands the number of emails Madeline (and other cohorts at JF) send you in a week. Last week I got 3 of the same exact emails from 3 different resume writers who are interested in my welfare.

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