Day 2 of the Great Job Hunt of 2010

Why is it that when you are out of a job people always want to know if you have been sending out resumes? It’s the first thing they ask.

Because you know I don’t send out resumes. Not one. In fact, I have been staying in my jammies until 2:30, eating ice cream and drinking bourbon and watching MAD TV reruns. Then I take a nap and order pizza for dinner. That is MUCH better than looking for a job.

That’s not actually true. Not even a little bit.

In the four days that I’ve been “off” including over the weekend, I’ve gotten to the gym three out of four mornings, showered and dressed in actual clothes, and worked on various job-seekery things all day. Not that that’s any of your beeswax. But people still ask anyway.

In other news, my former employer has made it bloody difficult to find one of those jobs they insisted we’d all be able to apply for after we got laid off. The internal job search function is terribly unwieldy. When I met with the internal recruitment rep she helpfully mentioned they would “take a look at my resume” before I uploaded it internally, if I would simply email it to them. More than a week ago I did just that I haven’t heard a peep. Thanks… I’ve applied to two jobs anyway, one of which I’m probably not qualified for but I still can’t speak corporatese which all job descriptions are written in so I might actually be perfect for the job.

I have a feeling that if I continue to do as I’ve done the last four days – practically chained to my computer – I will go mad. Nobody wants to hire mad people. On the other hand, I feel a certain amount of pressure to be able to respond to the questions about what I am doing to remedy my unfortunate employment situation TOOT SWEET.

I’m going to turn off the computer now and do something else.


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