I’ve become a statistic

Well…I’ve become another statistic. I’m already part of larger groups like “college grad,” “people who own ferrets as pets,” and “those who like vegetables.”

I was informed yesterday that my position with Large Corporate Monolith, Co. Inc. was being terminated. I knew layoffs were coming, but I didn’t realize they meant ME.

Basically, I have 60 days to find a position within the company. Then I have 30 days severance. Then I will be a free agent.

Yesterday, as I sat in the room with a co-worker, our manager, our director, and an HR rep, it was surreal. Our director read from a script full of corporate nonsense about how Large Corporate Monolith (LCM) is grateful for our service and this was a very difficult decision. She went on to say read that LCM will support us in every way through this very difficult time. My manager looked shell shocked. My co-worker wasn’t surprised – this wasn’t his first time at the rodeo, he’s been laid off several times from different jobs (the hallmark of a career in advertising).

I was just mad. I was mad that I don’t have bosses who will stick up for my talent. I was mad that I’m going to have to spend the next two months hauling ass to find a new job. I was mad that “at least I have a job, in THIS economy” no longer means me. I was mad that you can’t just work someplace for twenty years anymore.

However, strangely, very strangely, the overwhelming feeling is…excitement. I actually feel like something cool is coming. Don’t misunderstand – there is a streak of sheer panic there, too – oh my lord what about money and what if the car dies and health insurance and oooohhh nooooo. And I certainly didn’t WANT to lose my job. But I hope to make the most of the opportunity, however oddly it may have come to me.

Yesterday, I text messaged my sister, Boot, with whom I had planned to attend my first spinning class last night. (As a side note, I hate cycling. However, I know that spinning is a good exercise to do, and I should at least try it.)  Boot gave me an easy out – you don’t have to go, you just lost your job. I went anyway. I did a whole spin class and it was fun. I might even do it again.

I hope getting laid off will be just like that – a series of new little adventures. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I am a writer, graphic recorder/facilitator, and creative soul in the Louisville, Kentucky area. I will be beefing up my professional site, sarathompsonwrites.com, in the coming days so drop me a line if you have something interesting in mind.


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