Where’s my hair shirt?

Ok so….the last week or so I totally dropped the ball on Writing. Didn’t work on much of anything really. The week just got away from me. It may have been easy to make the commitment to write or finish the novel or whatever, but it is not easy to keep that commitment as the focus of the energy. Make the commitment – follow through. That’s how it works, right? I’ve got the first half down, it’s the second half I have trouble with. I’m not even going to go through all the reasons (excuses) why I haven’t been following through because it’s the same for everybody, we all have the same reasons (excuses) why we aren’t following the dream.

I did submit a poem to a contest and got some good feedback on an essay draft that I’m working on, but I lost my steam on the essay and am not motivated to complete it and turn it in.

So what I want to think about today instead is….how can I follow through this week?

I can carve out the time tonight and Thursday night to sit at the computer. I can use my breaks at work. I can listen to podcasts walking to and from work. And I can take off the hair shirt and get back into the groove.


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