The Best of the Writing Spider’s Year: 2009

1. Book: Did I read The Book Thief this year? No matter – it’s still the best. It’s by Markus Zusak and was undoubtedly the best book I’ve read in years. Sure, I’ve read some enjoyable things but no book has quite touched me this way in a while. I can’t imagine you’d be sorry you read this if you did. I also adored A. J. Jacobs’ work – The Year of Living Biblically and The Know-it-All. I started Riordan’s “Lightning Thief” books which I enjoyed despite their simplicity.

2. Food: Husband learned to make sushi this year which means we will save a TON on going out. I learned fancy cake things in my decorating class which means AWESOME cupcakes forthcoming. I continued pizza on the grill, roasted vegetables (especially brussels sprouts), and learned to make cupcakes with filling. I got a copy of Nigella Lawson’s “How to Eat” and am close to getting started on some of the recipes. I very much wish to try making mayonnaise.

3. Friends: Besides the usual suspects, a new posse has emerged. How did I miss being friends with these people in college??? Apparently we had our heads up our tushies for the four years. in 2010 looking forward to continuing new, old, and new-old friendships. I must credit Facebook with some connections to these folks.

4. Babies: NOT MINE. Many many of my close friends had babies this year and it’s just charming to watch these women be mothers.

5. Movie: For the last couple years I haven’t wanted to see sad movies. Or movies that make me THINK too much. This year, I loved Star Trek and Coraline. However, I saw Precious with my sister which completely throws off my moratorium on sad thinky movies. It was just as brilliant and disturbing as they say it is. Mo’Nique should get an Oscar.

6. Personal best: Ramping up the writing/blogging/Tweeting aspect of my literary life has been good for me. I hope to continue the momentum in 2010. Also, starting that novel! I already have an idea for a second one but I want to finish this first one before starting the second, even if it’s just a crappppy crap first draft.


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