Twitter Experiment: Day 17

I actually have no idea how long I have been tweeting.

Signing up for Twitter was meant to be an experiment of sorts. So many of the writers I listen to and read are using various social media to build audiences and networks. I’m sticking a toe into this madly flowing river. Well….not even that, really, more like a toenail. I’m getting the feeling that if I want to reap the benefits those other writers do then I shall have to dive in and be swept away. Or something.

So far, I have 6 followers, including a realtor. I am following 11 people including Neil Gaiman, Mur Lafferty, and Guy Kawasaki.

Here’s what I think I want from Twitter:

News about writing and publishing

A network of writers

More stuff about writing

I’m finding it difficult to:

Find people to follow

Search people I think I’d like to follow


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