Writing the Novel and the Death of NaBloPoMo

I have clearly fallen off the NaBloPoMo road. Why do They insist on National Anything Month in November? The holidays are coming and I’ve had a hard enough time establishing a priority list that includes getting out of bed, personal hygiene, and what I’m getting my four-year-old niece for Christmas. Asking me to do something like post on the blog every day or write a whole entire book is just out of the question.

Clearly, I am not committed.

Ok, fine.

The blog posting thing was a last-minute lark. I hadn’t been in training prior to the first of November. The book well, let’s talk about The Book, shall we?

I’ve had this story in my head for about five years. So over the summer I finally sat down and started writing it. At first, I was just pleased as Punch to be doing the thing I wanted so much to do. Then the initial burst of energy wore off and I slacked off. At this point, I’m about one-third, I estimate, of the way through the first draft. Not only am I struggling to get up momentum on writing the next two thirds, but I’ve got this other story following me around, asking to be written, too.

The other story looks easier to write. The other story is still full of new characters who haven’t had the chance to get messed up. The current story (working title: The Book II because its the second version of the first draft) is full of difficult scenes I can’t write and I think I may have lost control of the plot a little.

Is the grass always greener on the other side of the page?

I will say, I’ve done well at letting the first draft suck. I have not edited it one tiny bit. The mantra has been “just get something out on the page.”  I’m currently clocking in at about 19,000 words.

My plan now is to get the first draft DONE as soon as possible. Then I can give it a first pass and then let it sit a spell while I move on to the next one. In a pleasant turn of feeling on the first draft of this Book, I have found myself wanting to focus more on it instead of say, watching TV or staring at the ceiling.

In the future, you might see more of my writing process here, with the occasional appearance of the regular cast of characters including Thug Life and Sorority Row. I’m also planning on using Twitter for writing-related activity and Facebook for social-related activity.


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