NaBloPoMo #13 – No Spiders This Year

nablo1109.120x200The early posts of involved the appearance of the argiope aurantia, or ‘writing spider,’ several of which have made their homes near my homes of the last few years. This year I kept checking and, sadly, it seems we have none. It’s too late in the year to have any writing spiders. By now, they have grown up, made webs, laid eggs, and moved on to that giant spiderweb in the sky. I don’t know what’s become of the Charlottes’ children. Last year we had a couple. I haven’t done any research on WHY, but my immediate response was, “Maybe my garden wasn’t good enough!” Last year I suspected the people who cut the grass of disturbing a web or too. The man who cuts our grass often does so while chomping an enormous cigar and he takes a lot of breaks. I don’t know if he understands garden fauna. Well, let’s hope for the return of the writing spiders next year.


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