NaBloPoMo # 11-12 – Renewing my driver’s license

nablo1109.120x200Please don’t tell the po-po but I was soooo illegal until 4 pm today. Ok, let me ‘splain.

There is too much. Let me sum up.

Oona, the Volvo, has been in The Shop since like…well, forever. And we weren’t sure if we were going to fix her or shoot her or send her out to pasture so we removed the insurance and let the tags lapse on her. We HAVE car insurance and Husband reinstated it for me before I started driving Oona again, so I was barely legal there – we still only have the printouts from the internets, not the cards themselves which we eagerly anticipate.   Fast forward to Tuesday when Husband is shopping for new cheaper car insurance and he texts me to find out my drivers license ID. I send it to him then notice that my license expired two months ago.

Wooookay. So today I left work early to accomodate the 8:30 to 4 pm schedule of the Circuit Court Clerk’s office. It turns out that in my state, a license is good for four years BUT if you have to get a replacement, it’s only good for 18 months or so because it is considered a duplicate. When we moved, I dutifully went and got a new license with my new address and NOBODY mentioned that HEY, in 18 months, you’ll need a new license. DON’T WAIT FOUR YEARS.

Which means…they get like forty bucks instead of $21 from me since I had to come back within my four-year period.


Whilst I waited, I reminisced about former drivers license photos. There was the year that I wore a shirt that was the exact same color as the backdrop so I looked like Jambi from Pee Wee’s playhouse – one floating head and some hair. Another year, the photo lady didn’t tell me when she was going to snap the picture. I smiled. Nothing happened. I smiled. No photo. I relaxed my face and BAM for two years I look like the kind of person who chews on kitten heads instead of bubble gum, and punches babies. I do admit that no bouncer ever gave me a hard time after checking my ID. One year, I made the mistake of wearing a scarf in my hair, 60’s style, and I looked like a homeless woman in the photo.

There’s a lot of pressure with the driver’s license but not nearly as much as your passport photo. My current passport photo looks like I’m actively backing away from the camera because I am, possibly, a suburbanite sociopath AND I had the same floating-head-colored-shirt on again. I hate to loose it though, it’s expensive to replace!


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