NaBloPoMo #9 – The Writing Spider Answers

I dug up five random questions I will answer here:

1. If you came with a warning label what would it say? This one-of-a-kind human bean is hilarious, sensitive, sexy, loyal, and loving, but is prone to bouts of self-doubt, moodiness, and general panic. Feed sushi, chocolate and red wine, handle with care. Needs regular back-scratching. Do not allow to get overly tired. Is easily distracted with shiny things.

2. What character in a book can you connect with or relate to the most? She’s not a character, but I very much identified with Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love. And Lewis Carroll’s Alice. I identify with characters who don’t quite fit the world they are in.

3. How are you with very little sleep? Um…terrible. I don’t get sleepy, really, I go from Regular Person to Madame Needsanap Crankypants in about ten seconds. I’ve done this my whole life – go to bed when I’m ready. Even as a kid. It made me terribly unpopular at slumber parties… If I turn to you and say, “I need to go to bed now,” you should let me.

5. What reality TV show would you want to be on? Biggest Loser! I don’t have that much weight to lose though, I just want to get verbally beat up by Jillian and possibly vomit on the treadmill.

6. How do you feel about road trips? I like road trips. I grew up spending many days in the backseat of the family car on vacations. We drove everywhere. People cannot believe that we (my sister and my parents and I) drove to Maine from Kentucky in a Ford Escort. (It takes a good three days to get there from here.) I like driving. I like just taking off in the car and looking at stuff – houses, trees, Christmas lights, farms. I don’t need a destination, I can just get in the car and end up at home later. That’s fine.


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