NaBloPoMo #10 – Oh blank….

nablo1109.120x200I was going to write a list of the things that completely freak me out. The number one thing is some kind of bug thing that I don’t even know the name of. When I describe it, people say, “Silverfish?” but no, not silverfish. This this is like a two-inch ball of lint that undulates across the floor. There is pretty much nothing that makes my viscera retract uncomfortably into my skeleton like these things. Occasionally this pops up because I really hate seeing them, they are alien to me in a way no other critter is.

Ok, so pretty short list.

Here’s another thing: do you ever get words, names, or phrases stuck in your head? It’s usually something unusual or strange. Yesterday, I kept thinking of Fond du Lac which is a town in Wisconsin. I rolled the name around in my head all day and I can’t remember where I heard it.  I expect it will come back around today now that I’ve written this post. I wonder if there’s a name for this phenomenon, thinking of words or phrases over and over.

This post-a-day thing is difficult. I endeavor to provide more substantial and meaningful content in the days coming.


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