NaBloPoMo #6 – Oh fiddle faddle

I am so flippy flopping tired right now. Something about the time change this week has jacked up my system royally. At some point this week, I went to bed at 9:30 and could have easily climbed in at 8:00. In my defense, I got up at 6, went to the gym, worked all day including a half-hour walk at lunch, then cleaned the house for two hours tonight. Geez. Oh. Pete.

I like this time of year. Sometimes the darkness at 5:30 is a little unnerving. Why is that? I’ve been doing it for more than thirty years, except for the time in the UK when it never really got quite daylight and then got dark at 4. Though I’m sad to put away my patio cushions and sweep the leaves off the deck, I’m loving the pumpkin spice candles in my house and the warm cozy feeling of being indoors when its dark.

That’s about all I can manage for today’s post. I do hope you’ll forgive me for my brevity.


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