NaBloPoMo #5 – A random collection of mental flotsam

1. I’m pretty sure that irregular yet persistent banging from the neighbors is sorority girl gettin some. Ew. Fine. But please hurry up so I can go to sleep. Soon. Please.

2. Dang it’s dark early.

3. I find that talking stomach Fazoli’s ad extremely disturbing. Even more so because I’ve never heard it, only seen it over peoples’ shoulders at the gym.

4. Please keep the TV shows I like on the air. I can’t tell you which ones they are because I will kill them with my love.

5. If a woman in your water aerobics class is telling another woman in your water aerobics class that she has a ton of business suits she’d like to get rid of, do not blurt out “I NEED SUITS!” because she will give them to you without letting you try on the pants parts of the suits, only the tops. You will get home and wish you’d been more insistent  because now you sort of look like a middle-aged banker from New England…

6. Black and brown do too go together.

7. I love the iPhone app Awesome Notes. It’s expensive for an app but worth it.

8. Moreena Baccarin is HAWT with short hair.


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